Gardnerville Ranchos Meter Program

In 2005, the Gardnerville Ranchos GID at the direction of the then Board of Trustees embarked on a water meter study to learn water usage by its' residents. Staff installed 400 water meters in homes with small, medium and larger lots as well as mature landscape, new landscape and no landscaping. When the study was complete in late 2006, Staff reported findings to the Board which showed there was no set pattern of usage. Non-landscaped homes used the least water of course but some smaller landscaped yards used much more water than lots with mature landscape and bigger lots.

The Board decided in March of 2007 at a regular board meeting that it would start a water meter program for two reasons, the first for conservation purposes and the second because the Board felt that the State would require a metered water system throughout the State in the near future. The State has not yet required all water systems to be metered but many systems have gone to meter for conservation purposes. Many have set their rates to the more water you use the more you pay based on a tiered rate system. In our area at present, Indian Hills GID and Gardnerville Town Water are presently 100% metered. After much public comment the Board decided that it would give a ten year period to residents that did not want to go on meter. This would give those residents time to sell their property. The Board felt it would start the program using an attrition method. Any home that sold or had a title change or any home that was remodeled that added a water feature (sink, bathroom, garage with sink) would have to go on meter. This program has trudged along where 25% of the District was on meter during the winter of 2015.

District Staff realizing the undaunting task of having to install a very large amount of meters in March of 2017 suggested to the Board that an enhancement to the program might help put more people on meter. This program was started in the Spring of 2015 using discounts and extra time to pay as a bonus for going on meter early. This program will continue until all homes are required to be on meter in March of 2017. The District sent another letter out the beginning of March updating the program to show a 25% discount on the total cost of the meter, lid and electronics . In December of 2015, the District was 50% metered. The first phase of the program has been a success thanks to our residents who joined the program this spring and summer.

Please contact the District at 265-2048 or e-mail for more information. The District needs to visit each home to figure the cost of going on meter. There is no obligation to you to join the program if we come out. These numbers could change in the future because of the changing costs of meters, electronics and meter lids.


Bob Spellberg
District Manager