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1.  Golf Course Area*

2.  Unit 2 of the Ranchos*

3. Part of Unit 4, Pleasantview Subdivision and Silveranch Estates*

4.Remainder of Unit 4*

5. Unit 5*

6.Unit 6 and the Sunburst Subdivision*

7.Unit 7*


*1. The Golf Course Area surrounds the Carson Valley Golf Course the homes are non curb and
      guttered on one half acre and above size lots.

*2.  Unit 2 of the Ranchos is located above the Golf Course area.  The homes are located on non
      curb and guttered streets with one half acre and above size lots.

*3.  Unit 4 is also located on non curb and guttered streets with minimum one half acre lot size
      The Pleasantview Subdivision is located to the south of Unit 4.  This area started
      construction in 1990 and is 99 percent built out.  The lots are 12,000 sq. ft minimum with
      restrictions as to the construction of the home (ie: some type of stone front).  The Silveranch
      Estates Subdivision is also 99 per cent built out.  The lots range from 12,000 square feet to
      one acre in size.  Both Pleasantview and Silveranch Estates are upscale homes.

*4.  The remainder of the lots within Unit 4 are a minimum of one half acre with non curb and
      guttered streets.

*5.  Unit 5 started construction in 1993.  The lot sizes are a minimum of 12,000 square feet. The
      streets are curb and guttered.  Unit 5 is 99 per cent built out.

*6.  Unit 6 started construction in the early 1980's.  The lots are zoned minimum 8,000 square
      feet.  Unit 6 is 99 percent built out.  Sunburst Subdivision was built in the 1990's with
      minimum 12,000 sq. foot lots.  Both of these units are curb and guttered.

*7.  Unit 7 of the Ranchos is similar to Unit 6 with same size lot sizes and street design.