Minutes of the
Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District
Board of Trustees Meeting held
November 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm at
931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville Nevada

Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Leann Teter

Trustees Present:  Leann Teter, Bob McDowell, Brad Newlon, Cade Baligad and Jeff James

Also Present:  Michael Bennett, Mike Rowe, Bob Spellberg, Dawn Hinds and the pubic

Public Comment: none

Approval of the Agenda:

                                Bob McDowell motioned to approve the Agenda.  Leann Teter seconded the motion.
                                All ayes.  Motion passed.

Approval of the Minutes:

Leann Teter motioned to approve the minutes from the October Board Meeting.  Jeff James seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.   

Staff Reports:
District Engineer: Michael Bennett reviewed his project tracking schedule for the month of November, 2016.

District Counsel:  Mike Rowe mentioned that he will be rewriting the easement agreement for the Murdock Lot which now has a new owner.

District Manager:  Bob Spellberg is still working on the camera project for the water tank and parks.

New Business:

I.             For Possible Action:  Board discussion regarding the most recent letter from MGSD demanding
the District pay a portion of the cost for the construction of its cogeneration plant.  Board
discussion followed by public comment.   Possible action to give direction to staff on an answer
to the latest demand letter from MGSD regarding their demand for the District to pay a portion
of the construction cost for their cogeneration plant.  Action Item

MSGD has now threatened to sue if the District does not start paying what they feel is the District’s share to build the cogeneration plant (see attached Memorandum).  Staff feels the District has already paid its share through fixed, variable costs, purchase of equivalent dwelling units and monthly fees.  Mike Rowe mentioned the Board has discussed their options before, mediation, arbitration or litigation.  Mike suggested waiting until the lawsuit is received and then decide how to proceed with it.  The Board discussed their options and opted to take no action.

                                Bob McDowell motioned to take no action at this time and wait for the lawsuit.
                                Cade Baligad seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment:  Dr. James agreed with the Board decision to wait.

II.            For Possible Action:  Board discussion on extending the discount period for the water meter
program.  Board discussion followed by public comment.  Possible action to approve the
extension of the discount period for hardware for the installation of water meters.  Action Item

Bob explained to the Board that the current water meter discount program has worked very well and is nearing a close.  He has proposed to extend the program until February 29th 2017.  Beginning March 1, 2017 customers will be charged full price and will still have six months to pay their meter bill. 

Jeff James motioned approve the District Manager’s request to extend the discount period to purchase a meter.  Cade Baligad seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.
Public Comment: None

III.           Possible Board Action:  Possible board action regarding the District’s contract with Rowe Hales
Yturbide LLP.  Board discussion followed by public comment.  Possible action to renew the
contract for District Counsel due to a change in terms as prescribed within the current contract.
Action Item

Mike Rowe stated this is a housekeeping issue.  The District Counsel’s contract states that a new contact must be approved if any changes are made.  There was a change in the retainer and hourly rate for litigation therefore a new contract must be approved by the Board. 

                                Bob McDowell motioned to approve District Counsel’s contract.  Cade Baligad
                                seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.
Public Comment:  None

IV.          For Possible Action:  Board discussion regarding the water master plan.  Board discussion
followed by public comment.  Possible action to decide on what direction the Board wants the
District Engineer to travel regarding future water sources for the water master plan.  Action

Mike Bennett has asked that the Board discuss what method of procuring water the District would like to see in the water master plan.  The choices are ground water vs. surface water vs. regional water system.

Kristen and Mike Bennett of Lumos and Associates reviewed his Water Supply Alternatives power point with the Board.  Options included Surface Water Treatment, Additional Wells and Regional Connection (see attached). 

The Board discussed the above options in depth.   Mike Bennett stated that the Board does not have to pick just one option…the board could look to expand the District’s well fields for 10 years or so and then look into a regional connection.   Bob McDowell stated he does not feel good about the well system because of the water table and the global warming issue.  Brad stated the importance of being self sufficient and therefore suggested the District lean 70% toward expanding wells and 30% into regional connections.  Bob McDowell believes the District should go 30% into wells and 70% into expanding into a regional water system.  McDowell thinks it would be a good idea to research regional expansion because he believes it will be coming sooner than later.

Cade Baligad motioned to develop District well fields (which includes a treatment facility) over the next 7 years and the following 3 years work on agreements regarding regional connections if needed with the understanding this is a flexible timeline.
Leann Teter seconded the motion.  Four ayes.  Motion passed.  Bob McDowell stood

Public Comment: David James commented that most of the GID is built out and the District has a known quantity of users.  The District should work on wells and conservation first but keep the regional connections in mind for later on.  Conservation is key and he believes the District has taken an important step by metering all homes in the District.   

Old Business:  None

Consent Calendar:

                                Jeff James motioned to approve the consent calendar.  Cade Baligad seconded the
                                Motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Trustee Reports:

Jeff James mentioned that the porta potty has been tagged in the park.  Bob stated that he saw them do it on the camera but could not see a face. 

Bob McDowell is concerned about liability at the pond if someone falls into the ice.  Bob Spellberg stated that the pond has signs everywhere and he feels they are adequate.

Public Comment:


                                Leann Teter motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Jeff James seconded the motion.
                                All ayes.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.                                                                              

Dawn Hinds
Acting Secretary