Minutes of the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District Board of Trustees Meeting Held June 9, 2016 @ 6:00 pm at 931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville, NV 89460

Trustees Present:  Bob McDowell, Leann Teter, Brad Newlon and Cade Baligad.  Jeff James was not present.
Also Present:  Mike Bennett, Mike Rowe, Robert Spellberg, Beth Cook and the Public
Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Leann Teter
Public Comment: None
Approval of the agenda:  Cade Baligad motioned to approve the agenda.  Leann Teter seconded the motion. All ayes.  Agenda approved.
Public Comment: None
Approval of the minutes of the May 19th 2016 Budget hearing and the May 19th Board meeting.  Cade Baligad motioned to approve the minutes.  Leann Teter seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Minutes approved
Public Comment: None.
District Engineer:  Mike Bennett reviewed the project tracking schedule for June, 2016.
District Counsel:  Mike Rowe stated that he had nothing new to report.
District Manager: Bob stated that the camera people are beginning to install the video cameras in the parks.  He is looking into getting pricing for video cameras for the big tank.  The Consumer Confidence report is out.  It can be viewed on the GRGID website.
Item 2 was presented first because Allan Reed was not yet present.
2.            The Board will discuss the water meter portion of the National Night Out informational meeting.  Action Item.
Robert McDowell was very impressed with the turnout for the National Night Out meeting.  He suggested the District communicate with the residents regarding the meter program.  Bob Spellberg said that a letter was sent out earlier this year. Bob McDowell would like the District to acknowledge the comments and concerns of the residents in some fashion.  Bob Spellberg may send out another letter in September reminding the residents that the discount offer is coming to an end.
Bob McDowell would like the District to revisit the fee structure of the water bill after the program is completed. 
Brad Newlon suggested Bob put an acknowledgement of the National Night Out meeting on the District’s website.
No motion was taken.
Public Comment: None

  1. Possible action to accept the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool offer to renew the District’s Insurance policy which includes vehicles, errors and omissions liability among other coverages.  Action Item.

Alan Reed of Warren Reed insurance reviewed the 2016/2017 Pool Policy.

Cade Baligad motioned to accept the offer of insurance and authorize payment of $28,983.94 to the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool for fiscal year 2016-2017.  Bob McDowell seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment:  David James asked how often the policy is renewed.  Alan stated the policy is renewed yearly.

Bob McDowell motioned to approve the consent calendar.  Cade Baligad seconded the motion.  All ayes.   Consent Calendar approved.

Leann Teter stated that she attended the League of Cities meeting in Las Vegas.
Bob McDowell asked Bob If the storm drains in the District get looked at with cameras.  Bob said that at this time the District does not, but they are aware of the problem areas.
Brad Newlon suggested that Bob schedule the second phase of the District Manager Workshop.

Public Comment: None

Cade Baligad motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Leann Teter seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Beth Cook, Acting Secretary