Minutes of the
Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District
Board of Trustees Meeting held
March 1, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. @
931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville, NV 89460

Pledge of Allegiance:  led by Bob McDowell

Trustees Present: Leann Teter, Bob McDowell, Brad Newlon and David James.  Jeff James did not attend.

Also Present: Bob Spellberg, Dawn Hinds, Mike Rowe, Michael Bennett and the Public

Public Comment: none

Approval of the Agenda:

Dave James motioned to approve the Agenda.  Bob McDowell seconded the motion.
                                Four ayes.  Motion passed.

Approval of the Minutes:

                                Dave James motioned to approve the minutes from the February Board Meeting.
                                Brad Newlon seconded the motion.  Four ayes.  Motion passed.
Staff Reports:

District Engineer:  Michael Bennett of Lumos and Associates reviewed his Project Tracking Schedule for the month of March 2017. 

District Counsel:  Mike Rowe stated that the easement acquisition agreement for the test well 4 has been signed by Mr. Alfonso and the originals are ready for Chairperson Leann Teter to sign.  The new Board approved Engineering Service Agreement with Lumos and Associates is also available for Leann to sign.

District Manager: Bob has given the Board a copy of the final recruitment letter for the new District Manager.  Advertising will begin April 1, 2017.  The camera project at Mitch Park is completed. The discounts for the meter program ended yesterday February 28th.  There are about 650 meters left to be installed.  Douglas County is working on getting a construction company to put temporary patches on Tillman Lane with the hopes of reconstructing the road later this summer.

New Business:

I               For possible action: Request for support from FISH for their current location to provide social
services to families, veterans and seniors.  Board Discussion followed by public comment. 
possible Board action to formally support FISH’s ongoing social services at 921 Mitch Drive as
they help Douglas County families, veterans and seniors.  Action Item.

Jim Peckham, Executive Director for FISH, Friends in Service Helping, was present to request support for their ongoing services at 921 Mitch Drive (see attached letter by Mr. Peckham).

Katrina Rowe, Regional Director of FISH was also present to request support.  Katrina shared a story of how FISH helps our community with clothing services in their location on Highway 395. 

David James asked Mr. Peckham to specifically state what he is requesting support for, is it something new?   Mr. Peckham stated that he had never come to the Board to ask for support for this particular facility FISH was here before to get support for a special use permit.  Now that they have some experience under their belt in the Ranchos and they have been providing services he is asking the Board to formally come out and support the location and organization and eventually he would like to have a dining room in the building. 

David James did not think that GRID should not take any vote on this Item as the District has no jurisdiction over a special use permit.  Mike Rowe stated that he is correct but Douglas County’s Policy is to always solicit the input of the governing body in which a development is being proposed so the County can use that viewpoint in their decisions.

Brad Newlon was at the previous meetings where FISH has been discussed and he remembers the conflict not being what FISH does but the location on Mitch Drive.  The Board at that time did not support a Special Use Permit for FISH.  Brad mentioned that he has reviewed the petition and did not see many signatures on S. Riverview next to the location of the FISH building and asked Jim if he has talked to the neighborhood. 

Mr. Peckham stated that they had gone door to door in the facility area and talked to about 23 different residents of the 30 or so he had visited.  Mr. Peckham stated that they have been providing services there in the past several months and it has not caused any kind of disruption in the community.  Jim stated for the record several addresses that he visited and had spoken to; 1440, 1435, 1419, 1415, 1411, 1423, 1451 Riverview; 901 and 895 Mitch; 910, 916, 918, 920 and 926 Monument Peak. Some in the audience whose addresses were called denied that they had been contacted by FISH representatives.  Brad stated there is apparently a conflict with this issue judging by the response in the crowd. 

Bob McDowell agrees that FISH is a good thing.   Mr. McDowell stated Mitch Drive is not the right location for food service; Mitch Drive is not a place to go out and eat.  McDowell said he does not put a lot of stock into FISH’s arguments for not setting up food service in a commercial area, like Kimmerling. 

Ms. Duncan of 949 Morning Star Court is a volunteer for FISH has served many people in need throughout Carson City and Gardnerville.  She has never once felt threatened in any way shape or form and has never met anyone she would turn away because of behavior. 

Violet Etherington of 1392 Jobs Peak stated this is the third meeting she has been to for FISH and they have been denied twice by this Board for support.  The streets in this area quiet and residential this is not the place for this kind of service.  Violet stated the community is worried this kind of community service will bring in crime, litter, garbage, noise, congestion and a danger to their lives and well being.  She supports what FISH does to help people but not in this community.

Terry Kelso, 845 Lyell is a volunteer at the Carson Valley Community Food Closet.  They hand out food four days a week.  She asked if FISH sends their people to the Food Closet they just have to qualify.

Lisa, 1411 S. Riverview stated no one had ever come to her house or talked to her about FISH.  She is worried about the traffic and the number of people the “food kitchen” would bring.

Elizabeth Patterson of 1474 Harvest shared that her sister with kidney failure and brother-in-law who is a Veteran when going through hard times were turned away by the Food Closet.  FISH is not trying to compete with people they just want to help and some families only eat that one meal a day provided by FISH.

Susan McNeil, Principal of Scarcelli Elementary was present to speak in favor of the support that FISH provides.  Over 40% of students in Scarselli are on reduced lunch sometimes that is the only meal they get. The school works with FISH and the Carson Valley Community Food Closet.

Eilene Summo of 901 Mitch Drive is right next door to CC Meneley.  She stated that the concern of the neighborhood is not the services that FISH provides; she is aware of that and thankful for it.  This is a residential community there are no sidewalks, no street lights, the kids walk on the road side to go to school and there is bus traffic…Mitch Drive is a bad location.

Mitzy Chaney, 1389 Jobs Peak believes the area is great for a Church but not so much for the services FISH is providing and no one has ever come to her door or asked her opinion.  She is concerned about the kids and traffic FISH will bring into this residential area. 

Marty Swisher, Douglas County High School principal, supports FISH and how they help the families in crisis in the community and he sees the need for their services. 

Robert Winter, 1408 S. Riverview has lived in the area for 35 years and is a Viet Nam Veteran. FISH does a great job feeding people in the community.  Mr. Winter is worried about the kids and the traffic especially at night.  The people are against the location.

Thomas White, 935 Dean Drive, there is no question of the good FISH does for the community the location is bad.  He stated that FISH is talking about building on more structure.  This is a rural area.

Pastor Jim of the Trinity Lutheran Church and resident of 1011 Silveranch Drive stated that some children that get fed at school are not getting fed at night and that is why they are in support of the dining room.  It is about feeding the children.

Donald Summo, 901 Mitch has lived in the area since 1977.  This area has grown a lot.  He appreciates school teachers and principals who are the backbone….however he has not heard them say anything about the safety of our young people being let off the buses and walking down the streets…this is the highest of all priorities.  Safety is the most important; the Mitch location is for a Church.

Robin Reedy, Operations Director for FISH, and a previous resident of the Ranchos stated that there are no plans to add onto the building.  The building is a Church and can provide all the services being talked about.  She was one of those kids growing up (when there was no breakfast in school) who came home to almost an empty house and had to scavenge for dinner.  She has struggled and worked her way through school so she knows it can be done.  The people FISH are feeding and helping your neighbors; people who don’t necessarily ask for help.

Gail Triglia, 895 Mitch Drive suggested FISH use the empty Senior Citizen center in Gardnerville because there are sidewalks and street lights and a large area to feed people.  There is enough traffic on Mitch Drive without adding a soup kitchen.

Dixie Judge, 878 Mitch Drive had a solution, sell the property and relocate to a better facility.

Eilene Summo asked if FISH plans to add a dining room and serve 36000 meals annually.

Jim Peckham summed up a few items in question. When he first talked to the County about a Special Use permit they were told to come up with the largest numbers they could think of.  The Carson City Family Kitchen serves 85 people per night. The kind of coaching FISH does is working with people to set goals. They do not do drug and alcohol counseling there.  FISH does coordinate with the CV Community Closet.  The Senior Center is too hard for some families to get there and they serve lunch not dinner. FISH does not plan on expanding, the previous Church owner wanted to expand. Mr. Peckham is open to discussion with the Board and residents to work this out.

Mitzy Chaney shared that there was already a meeting held at the Church regarding this topic about a year ago and about 10 people showed up and the same things were discussed at that time that are being discussed now. 

An audience member asked if FISH is still limiting their service to Rancho’s residents only.  Peckham stated the County has asked FISH to make their services more available to all Douglas County residents.

Chairperson Teter called for a motion.

Brad Newlon motioned to deny support of the Special Use Permit application for the   
FISH facility due to concerns with the location of the facility.  Bob McDowell seconded
The motion.  Four Ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment: none

II             For Possible Action: Mid-year review of the District Manager’s goals for fiscal year 2017-2018.
Board discussion followed by public comment.  Action Item.

Bob reviewed his goals for the Fiscal year 2016-1017 with the Board.

                                No motion was made on this item.

Meeting was adjourned temporarily at 8:12 p.m. for a special closed session meeting.

Temporarily adjourn Regular Board Meeting:

III            Pursuant to NVS 241.015(3)(b)(2) the board will meet with counsel in a closed session to
                receive information from the attorney employed or retained by the District regarding
                potential or existing litigation involving a matter, over which the District has supervision,
                control, jurisdiction or advisory power and to deliberate toward a decision on the matter,
                or both.  Non-Action Item.

Meeting was continued at 8:40 P.M.

                For Possible Action: Discuss demand for arbitration made by the Minden Gardnerville
Sanitation District.  Board discussion followed by public comment.  Possible action to
answer the demand with a request for mediation or go forward with arbitration.  Action

                                Dave James motioned to proceed with mediation and grant authority to the
                                District Manager and counsel to negotiate and structure a settlement and return
                                to the Board.  Brad Newlon seconded the motion.  Four ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment: none

Old Business: none

Consent Calendar:

                                Bob McDowell motioned to approve the Consent Calendar.  Dave James seconded the

Trustee Reports:

Dave James attended the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting and was very impressed with the people there. 

Brad Newlon complimented Leann on what a great job she did at this meeting with such a large crowd.  Brad congratulated all of the staff on getting this far in the meter program and thanked them for all their hard work in the trenches!

Bob McDowell also congratulated Leann on a job well done tonight.  Bob will gone in April while he is on vacation and he is also asking the Board to move the May meeting so he can attend. 

The May meeting has been moved to May 18, 2017 at 4 p.m.

Public Comment: none


Brad Newlon motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Dave James seconded the motion.  Four ayes.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.