Minutes of the
Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District
Board of Trustees Meeting held
January 4, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. @
931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville Nevada 89460

Pledge of allegiance: Led by Bob McDowell

Trustees Present: Jeff James (by phone), Dave James, Leann Teter, Brad Newlon and Bob McDowell.

Also Present: Bob Spellberg, Mike Rowe, Dawn Hinds, Michael Bennett and the public

Brad Newlon explained that the Special Item I. on agenda will need to be amended for the swearing in of Board Members Dave James and Leann Teter.

                                Leann Teter made a motion to change the swearing in to Robert McDowell and Dave
James as Leann Teter has already been sworn in.  Bob McDowell seconded the motion.  All Ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment: none

Special Item:      I. Swearing in of Trustees Dave James and Robert McDowell (Leann Teter was sworn
                                    in at a county mass swearing in).

Bob Spellberg performed the swearing in of Dave James and Robert McDowell.

                                II. For Possible Action: Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer for the
                                     calendar year 2017.  Board Discussion with Public Comment.

Brad Newlon explained that according to the bylaws a trustee cannot hold the chairman position for more than two years and he has completed his second year.

                                Brad Newlon nominated Leann Teter for Chairman. Dave James seconded the
motion.  Four ayes.  Leann abstained.  Motion passed. Leann Teter is the new chairman.

Public Comment: none

                                Dave James nominated Bob McDowell for Vice Chairman.  Jeff James seconded the
Motion.  Four ayes.  Bob abstained.  Motion passed.  Bob McDowell is the new Vice Chairman.

Public Comment: none

                                Jeff James nominated Brad Newlon for treasurer.  Leann Teter seconded the motion.
                                Four ayes.  Brad abstained.  Motion passed.  Brad Newlon is the new Treasurer.

Public Comment: none

Public Comment: Chuck Hill suggested rewarding homeowners somehow by installing water saving devices.  Bob McDowell suggested educating the public in water conservation. Hill also asked the Board to consider extending the time allowed to pay water bills from 20 days to 30 days.  Mr. Hill explained that many folks on social security get paid the third Wednesday of the month and because of that many people are late paying the bill and are being charged penalties.  Bob explained that the office can change that policy and therefore it will not need Board approval.  Office staff has been discussing extending the penalty period before this meeting.  Bob stated that the District will extend the penalty period beginning January 2017.

Approval of Agenda:

Bob McDowell motioned to approve the Agenda as ammended.  David James seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment:  none

Approval of the Minutes:

Corrections to the Minutes were not submitted to the Board at the time of the meeting.  There was a question that a formal motion was left out of the Draft Minutes in Item I., New Business.  Mike Rowe suggested tabling the minutes so the recording can be reviewed and changes, if any, can be submitted. 

Brad Newlon motioned to table the approval of the minutes until tapes are reviewed and minutes are updated.  David James seconded the motion. All ayes.  Motion passed.  

Public Comment: none

District Engineer:  Randall Long of Lumos and Associates was present to review the Project Tracking Schedule for January, 2017.

District Counsel: Mike Rowe of Rowe Hales Yturbide was present and has been working on rewriting the Lumos Agreement approved at the previous board meeting. 

District Manager: Bob Spellberg stated that the District has about 900 meters left to install and about 340 reservations to install meters in the month of January and February.  The District will start to check the wells one by one for any mechanical issues. 

New Business:

I               For Possible Action:  Board discussion on a presentation of the District’s 2015-2016 audit.
Board discussion followed by public comment.  Possible Board action to accept and
approve the 2015-2016 fiscal year audit.  Action Item – Paul Tibma representing VT Williams
& Associates.

Paul Tibma stated that the District’s audit was conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted
Auditing Standards and Government Auditing Standards.  VT Williams encountered no significant difficulties in conducting the audit and had no disagreements with management.  There were no significant findings and internal controls are appropriate for the size of the entity.  (see attached audit report)

Bob McDowell asked why VT Williams states it is not expressing an opinion at the end of the audit.  Mr. Tibma stated there is no opinion on the District’s Internal Controls.  Mr. Tibma went on to further explain details of auditing procedures to the satisfaction of Vice Chairman McDowell.  

                                Brad Newlon motioned to accept and approve the 2015-2016 fiscal year audit for
                                the Gardnerville Ranchos GID as presented by VT Williams & Associates. Bob
                                McDowell seconded the motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment: none

Consent Calendar:

For Possible Action:  Board discussion followed by public comment.  Possible Board action
To approve the consent calendar.

                Bob McDowell motioned to approve the consent calendar.  Dave James seconded
                the Motion.  All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment: none

Trustee Reports:

Brad Newlon welcomed the Dave James to the Board. 

Jeff James thanked Brad for doing a great job the last couple years, congratulated the new officers and welcomed Dave James to the Board.


                                Brad Newlon motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Bob McDowell seconded the motion.
                                All ayes.  Motion passed.

Public Comment:  none

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.


Dawn Hinds
Acting Secretary